Over 140 years ago my Great Grandfather William Pullum worked as a fish porter in the famous Billingsgate Market in London, his porters badge number was 100.

He was known as Billy Hundreds…

Later as a young boy my Grandfather William B Pullum started work as a fish porter and the badge was passed on, after Some years hard graft he started his own wholesale business selling fish far and wide, soon opening fish and chip shops and fishmongers in London and Rochford.

He was also known as Billy Hundreds…

My Mother and Grandmother worked all their life’s in the shops, My grandmother pushing a hand cart laden with fish in wooden boxes from Rochford station to the shop on her own during the war. My mother went on to help set up and run the first supermarket fishmongers in the country. My little sister was National fish & poultry craftswoman of the year 5 years running.

I have worked with fish since I was a young lad and spent many early mornings on the trip to the “Gate” with my father, I’ve had the opportunity of working with some of the freshest fish from the Market and local fishermen. I’m a self-taught Chef and blessed with a palette and have worked in Spain and Portugal. My Father joined the firm in the early 1960s after a successful career in the Royal Marines, he went on to become a Master Fishmonger and President of the National Federation of Fishmongers and was a judge in the British fish craft championships and still helps today and at the sprightly age of 80 He is known as young Hundreds… I hope you’ve enjoyed our brief history lesson and feel confident that the fish and food you eat is sourced, cooked and served with a passion cast from years of dealing with the finest produce possible and a wealth of experience spanning over 140 years.

We are, Billy Hundreds x